We were lacking a bit of speed

fia wec | 02.08.2016

The Nürburgring is a track which requires a lot of downforce, a bit like Silverstone. Thus we used our aero package which brings more downforce than the others. But still, we were still lacking a bit of it.

On top of that, we took the start with wrong tyres. We changed them after the first stint, and then it was better, we were only losing two or three tenth per lap.
Our qualifying sessions had not been easy either. It happened partly on the wet, partly on the dry.

At the beginning of the race, we fought with the other Toyota. Then, Anthony (Davidson) had a little crash with another car, and we had to change the front part of the car. Eventually, when everything was settled, we were quite fast, like in Spa and in Le Mans.
From now on, we can consider that the championship is lost. We are now going to focus on trying to win races. Let’s start with the next one, at Mexico.