Swiss Visio and Sébastien Buemi on the road together

sponsors | 10.07.2020

Swiss Visio and Sébastien Buemi are pleased to announce a two-year partnership. Sébastien will be the ambassador of Swiss Visio refractive surgery, which aims at correcting visual disorders.

Swiss Visio is the Swiss reference network for ophthalmology and ophthalmochi-rurgery of the Swiss Medical Network Group. It covers all the specialties of the sector with highly qualified doctors practicing in a medical environment equipped with the latest technologies.

"I am very pleased to announce my partnership with Swiss Visio. Whether you are a motorsport driver in the middle of a race at the highest level or a laser ophthalmic surgeon in the middle of an operation, precision, diligence and perfect vision are essential for both disciplines. I am delighted to represent Swiss Visio and refractive surgery and to benefit from the best ophthalmological monitoring to reach my next goals as a driver." Sébastien Buemi